Microsoft Lanza herramienta para conocer si tu PC esta preparada para Windows Vista

se llama: Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor Beta (4 MB)…y/default.mspx

* No teman esta aplicacion no tiene Windows Genuine Advantage.

Realiza las siguientes pruebas

  • Strengthen Security (Included with all editions of Windows Vista)
    I want to protect my PC from malicious software like worms, viruses and spyware. I would like to know when my PC is vulnerable to attacks and how to make it safe again.
  • Search and Organize (Included with all editions of Windows Vista)
    I would like to instantly find what I need on my computer. I'd also like to quickly search my computer from almost anywhere in Windows Vista.
  • Elegant User Experience with Windows® Aero™
    I'd like to see my information in realistic and dynamic new ways. I would like a smoother, more stable desktop experience with a modern look and feel.
  • Work Anywhere
    I'd like to more easily detect and connect to WiFi hotspots. I would like to use Windows Tablet PC features like digital ink, touch and handwriting recognition. I want to edit and share documents whether or not I am physically connected to a network. Watch and Record TV I want to record and watch TV on my PC or through connected devices and TVs throughout my home.
  • Premium Photo, Music and Movie Experiences
    I want to enjoy and share my pictures, music and movies throughout my home with Windows Media Center. I want to burn music and movies to DVD.
  • Connect to Corporate or Campus Networks
    I'll need to connect my computer to my company or school network. I'd like to remotely access and control my computer from a different location through another computer. I want to ensure that I have network backup for my PC.
  • Simplify My Business
    I'd like to have integrated faxing and scanning capabilities. I want to protect the data on my PC in the event that it is lost or stolen, by taking advantage of advanced encryption. I need tools that make it easy for me to set up and use my PC even if I don't have IT staff.


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